The Team
Sushi-Restaurant "ATOM" (abandoned since 2011)
Newspaper, dated 3/11/11 (Tohoku-Earthquake)
Roadside Supermarket (vandalized)
Abandoned Village
Contaminated Racoon
7,7 MicroSievert
Window of a Restaurant
Kindergarten with overgrown courtyard
Kindergarten, indoor space
Central School
Radiation Control
Mr. Nakasuji, Photographer of NPP Accident Aftermath
Gaming Palace
Paschinko Gaming Alley
Big Bags with Contaminated Soil
Pripyat-like Housing
Temporary Housing in Iwaki (town)
Fukushima Daiishi NPPs

A Rainy Day in Fukushima

Fukushima is a prefecture about 250 km northwest of Tokyo. Heavily harmed by the Tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe in March 2011 large sectors around the damaged power plants are still no-go or off-limits areas. With the help of a colleague and a friend I had access to a completely abandoned village in the 10 km zone around the Fukushima Daiishi NPP. The grey & rainy day in October 2017 matched somehow with the depressing future for most of the people who once lived there.  

 Cameras: EOS 5D, Iphone 5S 

Special thanks to Keroppy Maeda