CH City Gate 2
CH New Housing
CH Housing Brezhnev era
CH Amusement park
CH Recreational Park 2
CH Playground
CH Recreational Park 3
CH Recreational Park
CH Fair ground
CH Trade Show Hall
CH Stadinul  Dinamo  2nd Entrance
CH Entrance of former SU Grand Stadium
CH SU Grand stadium (void)
CH Former SU Winter-Circus more...

Winter-Circus Chisinau

CH Inside Circus Casher area
CH Wardrobe Circus Reception
CH Circus Staircase left side
CH Circus Mural B
CH Circus hallway
CH  OGNI MANEJA  Winter-Circus
CH Fox Mart
CH House from Kasakstan
CH Grand Boulevard
CH Turist Hotel
CH New building in suburb
CH Gaudemus Cinema
CH Grand Cemetery
CH German War Cemetery

CH German War Cemetery

CH House Czar Era
Tiraspol (TP) Housing area near city center
TP Housing Khrushchev Era
TP Communist Party Building
TP Lenin again
TP near City Center
TP War Memorial City Center
TP Church tower @ war monument
Tiraspol City Center
TP Old SU Trolley Bus
TP City Center & Central Market
TP Super Market Chain Store
TP Church near Central Market
TP Central Market Hall
TP Celebration Banner
TP Street behind Market
TP House Czar Era near Park
TP Bus Stop
TP @ Train Station l
CH Government building

Moldova 2013

A brief visit to the cities of Chisinau (Moldova) and Tiraspol (Transnistria).

Impressions of a small country between Romania and Ukraine.

Photographed  early March 2013.