Marina near the Aquarium
Beach Near Deshaies
Beach in Le Moule @ Grand-Terre
Beach in Pointe-Noire
City Hall of Pointe-Noire
Sunday in Basse-Terre (Capital of Guadeloupe)
Seafront Apartments Basse-Terre
Pointe-Noire (Basse-Terre)
All shops are closed on Sundays
Left-over from Carneval
Wild dumping @ Sainte-Rose (Basse-Terre)
Between Sainte-Rose & Deshaies
Cemetery in Pointe-Noire
Cemetery of Le Moule (Grande-Terre)
Cemetery of Le Moule (Grande-Terre)


Impressions during a brief stay on this French island in the Caribbean; mostly taken in various locations along the road circumferencing its western part called Barre-Terre; some also in the eastern section Grande-Terre. 

Camera Sony RX1 & Panasonic DC-FT7